Man's Best Friend Kit
On sale
Man's Best
Friend Kit

Only the best for your
four-legged children.

$125 $144
Olive Oil and Blackberry Vinegar
On sale
Olive Oil and
Blackberry Vinegar

Dinner table essentials.
Drizzle liberally.

$64 $74
Olive Oil and Fuyu Persimmon Vinegar
On sale
Olive Oil and
Fuyu Persimmon Vinegar

Our organic Olive Oil paired with
Fuyu Persimmon Vinegar.

$59 $64
Flamingo Estate Editions
Flamingo Estate

Six essential books for
every home and garden.

Big Bath Energy
On sale
Big Bath

A sensual bath by
candlelight experience.

$240 $284
Botanical Body Duo
On sale
Botanical Body

A clean, natural, and fragrant duo
to invigorate your body.

$58 $69
  • $58
Botanical Hair Duo
On sale
Botanical Hair

Clarify your scalp
and boost hydration.

$68 $80
  • $68
Fresh Wasabi Mustard
Fresh Wasabi

We like it HOT.

Heritage Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Heritage Extra Virgin
Olive Oil

Full of healthy fats,
flavorful and dynamic.

  • $33.15
Blackberry Vinegar

Raw and alive with a fruity tang
that lingers on the tongue.

Winter Harvest Persimmon Vinegar
Winter Harvest
Persimmon Vinegar

Bright, yet delicate flavor from
a blend of Fuyu and Hachiya Persimmons.

White Lilac Tincture
White Lilac

A tingling heart-opening
tincture for love.

Native Botanical Hand Soap
Native Botanical
Hand Soap

A botanical powerhouse
for clean hands and dirty minds.

  • $24.65
Invigorating Natural Body Wash
Invigorating Natural
Body Wash

A wild alchemy to bring you
to near-godly cleanliness.

  • $34
Tuscan Rosemary Shampoo
Tuscan Rosemary

For soul-stirring
hair washing.

  • $34
Sea Buckthorn Conditioner
Sea Buckthorn

A botanical balm that
supports regeneration.

  • $34