Moon Harvest Saffron Honey

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Pleasure from the Garden

Saffron is an ancient and precious spice that's been used as medicine and in recipes for over 3,500 years. Early cultivation spanned civilizations- in Greece it was the subject of myths, and in ancient Egypt, legend has it that Cleopatra bathed in Saffron infused mare's milk. Hand harvested during a short one-month blooming period, each delicate Saffron flower produces only three stigmas. Saffron contains over 150 micronutrients, including potent antioxidants that aid in mood regulation and stress reduction. Its prized color and unique flavor imparts a distinctive earthy and floral quality that perfectly pairs with our Orange Blossom honey. Drizzle generously over your morning fruit or favorite fish recipe.

Healing from the Garden

We sourced our extraordinary Saffron from Peace & Plenty Farm in Northern California, run by Melinda Price and Simon Avery. Through careful stewardship of the land, they've planted thousands of shrubs and trees - leaving some of the land wild to promote the natural habitat. They've built a regenerative ecological environment with microorganism-rich soil and diverse plant life for their pollinators and bird populations. In their fields, they employ no-till methods, cover cropping (to sequester carbon), never use herbicides and pesticides, and are CCOF organic certified. Interestingly, Saffron has low water requirements, and no irrigation is needed from June to October, and in years of rain, it's not watered at all. The precious Saffron crop is propagated, cultivated, weeded, and harvested by hand without mechanization. We are truly honored to offer this special Saffron harvest from this remarkable duo.


Honey, ISO 3632 Saffron (GRADE ONE)
*Not Suitable For Infants Under 12 Months of Age

Moon Harvest Saffron Honey

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Our Beliefs

At the Flamingo Estate, we believe that pleasure is a human right.

Mother Nature is our doctor, therapist and loyal friend. We use the highest quality ingredients possible and plant one tree for every product sold.

Flamingo Estate was founded on the idea that to stand on the Earth and sing her praises is one of the most joyful and necessary privileges of being alive.

In a world that profits off our numbness, it is a radical act to wake up one's senses. Champion the slow dive, the deep breath, the bee asleep in the mallow, the drizzle of olive oil on a soft boiled egg. These are the moments that welcome joy.