Limited-Edition Indigo Soap Set
Returning soon
Limited-Edition Indigo
Soap Set

The rarest, most beautiful
soaps in the world.

Rare Niwaki Cloud Pruned Specimen Bonsai
Rare Niwaki Cloud
Pruned Specimen Bonsai

Olive Bonsai tended by
Master Richard Ota.

Japanese Gardening Shears
Japanese Gardening

Handcrafted multi-purpose shears
for trimming, thinning and arranging.

Calming Pulse Point Oil
Calming Pulse
Point Oil

The calm of the forest.

Hydrating Face Mist
Hydrating Face

Spray away your stress, and breathe in the Japanese Forest.

Japanese Earl Grey Tea
Returning soon
Japanese Earl
Grey Tea

An aromatic Japanese tea to
bring your senses to life.

Japanese Tea Duo
Returning soon
Japanese Tea

The perfect pair
for any tea lover.

$82 $97
Yuzu Honey

Equal parts sweet,
sour, and vibrant.

Fresh Wasabi Mustard
Fresh Wasabi

We like it HOT.

Winter Harvest Persimmon Vinegar
Winter Harvest
Persimmon Vinegar

Bright, yet delicate flavor from
a blend of Fuyu and Hachiya Persimmons.

Olive Oil and Fuyu Persimmon Vinegar
On sale
Olive Oil and
Fuyu Persimmon Vinegar

Our organic Olive Oil paired with
Fuyu Persimmon Vinegar.

$59 $64