Big Bath Energy
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Big Bath

A sensual bath by candlelight experience.

$240 $284
Moon Harvest Saffron Honey
Moon Harvest
Saffron Honey

A vibrant elixir of the rarest spice and sweetest honey.

Olive Oil and Fuyu Persimmon Vinegar
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Olive Oil and
Fuyu Persimmon Vinegar

Our organic Olive Oil paired with Fuyu Persimmon Vinegar.

$59 $64
Artisanal Garden Soap Set
Artisanal Garden
Soap Set

Handmade using ancient techniques

The Bathhouse Edit
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The Bathhouse

Our complete ritual for hair and body.

$125 $149
  • $125
Royal Nectar Manuka Honey
Royal Nectar
Manuka Honey

Extremely rare and highly active honey.

  • $110.50
The Three Sisters
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The Three

Our three-candle set, sensual and fragrant.

$130 $150
  • $130