Flamingo Farm Series: Oat Bakery

September 9, 2022
Flamingo Farm Series: Oat Bakery

The moment you step into Oat Bakery’s open kitchen, the senses are rendered awake.

When artists Louise and Lou Fontana met, they fell in love. And when Lou visited Louise’s family in Copenhagen, he fell in love with her family’s bread. As the couple returned home to Santa Barbara, they began baking for their community and selling out religiously. Oat Bakery was born — a resounding tribute to love, family tradition, community, and expression.

“We’ve learned to bake a very specific amount a day to ensure that there’s no waste. So we always sell out. It’s better to sell out than throw out bread.”

Flamingo Farm Series: Oat Bakery Flamingo Farm Series: Oat Bakery

Oat Bakery’s bread is organic, and handmade in small batches. It’s a delicious source of energy — filled with nuts, seeds, and grains — inspired by Louise’s mom who used to be a professional athlete. By working with local farmers, being involved in the community, ensuring no bread is ever wasted, and cooking with the season, Oat Bakery has become a hub for conscious food and gathering. We’re so lucky to have their wide variety of fresh bun flavors, brimming with local delicacies, rotate through our Regenerative Farm Box.

“There is so much room for creativity in our kitchen. Walking to the Farmer’s Market, I get inspired by colors and seasons. Creating new bun flavors is like painting to me.”

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