Flamingo Farm Series: The Ecology Center

August 19, 2022
Flamingo Farm Series: The Ecology Center

The Flowers That Bloom With Community

The Ecology Center is a Laboratory for the future. As its founder Evan Marks puts it, “it models creative solutions for a thriving planet earth.” The dream materialized in 2008. And just three years ago, the dream expanded from a one-acre Educational Center to a 28-acre Certified Organic Regenerative Farm. Intent on directly serving their community through food, artistic pursuits, and education, they grow over 100 different varieties. Among them are their flowers – all Organic, Regenerative, and grown from seed – an admirable certification you don’t hear very often.

“The invitation is for all of us to be a part of the solution. To give more than we take.”

⁠— Evan Marks, Executive Director

Flamingo Farm Series: The Ecology Center Flamingo Farm Series: The Ecology Center

The hands growing the ephemeral beauties that rotate through our Bloom Bundle belong to Carra Duggan and her floral team. Her love for flowers began long ago when she realized that they offered the perfect balance between art and science – meshing her background in environmental studies and interior design. Growing them right meant she could have a positive effect on the environment while also feeding her creativity. Carra’s fields of flowers embody this perfect union.

“We are trying to put the culture back in agriculture. What is the culture of agriculture? It’s delicious ingredients, community, stewardship and it’s working together.”

⁠— Johnny Wilson, Farm Director


“With the flowers, it’s teaching people that we also can grow organically, and that it’s just as important of a story as to what we put in our bodies. There's a thoughtful way to do it in a way that is not going to harm other people and the environment.”

“Growing flowers makes me take a step back and be a real observer. There are all sorts of nuances that happen in the field. Such as a really cool bug, or a bird that’s made its nest in the sweet peas.”

Flamingo Farm Series: The Ecology Center
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