Flamingo Farm Series: Grace Rose Farm

September 16, 2022
Flamingo Farm Series: Grace Rose Farm

Hundreds of Heirloom varietals adorn the fields at Grace Rose Farm, trailing the open air with the most exquisite aromas.

The Farm is helmed by Gracie and Ryan Poulson, who began the largest Garden Rose growing operation by accident. When the couple bought their first home, they planted over 500 rose bushes in honor of Gracie’s grandma. Within a few months, florists started contacting them. What was once just a gardening project, has quickly evolved into more than 50 acres of California farmland, growing over 25,000 Rose bushes.

“When you’re growing roses, you need to let go of control. You can give your plants everything that you think they need, but ultimately Mother Nature is in control.”

Flamingo Farm Series: Grace Rose Farm Flamingo Farm Series: Grace Rose Farm

Grace Rose Farm’s 25,000 Rose bushes are left to be as natural as possible. They’ve never used any synthetic weed control, only resort to natural pest control, and strictly fertilize with a seaweed-kelp diet. As the operation has grown, they’ve learned to pivot, be nimble, and adapt to Mother Nature’s needs. Gracie and Ryan’s fields of Garden Roses are nurturing important community partnerships, and we love having their Garden Roses grace our Bloom Bundle.

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