Flamingo Farm Series: Bayliss Botanicals

July 19, 2022
Flamingo Farm Series: Bayliss Botanicals

In 1983, Donna Bayliss took over a struggling Bayliss Ranch, a fourth-generation Rice farm in Biggs, California. She transformed the Ranch — employing new practices that would set the precedent for the future of sustainable agriculture. Donna has since become the matriarch of certified organic botanicals — and now,  her purple fields of Lavender have made it in the soothing, 100% essential oil fragrance of our Garden Essentials.

Bayliss Botanical’s unadulterated, organic Lavender is grown and distilled at the farm by head processor Miranda Mangan.

The concept of substituting synthetic cosmetic ingredients with organic botanicals came to Donna with the wounding of her finger. As she dabbed lavender
oil on her bruised fingernail,
it quickly healed. She became determined to discover how to transform the botanical power
 of nature into pure liquid essences she could make available in everyday products. We’ve joined her mission.

“My goal in creating our Bayliss Essences was to capture the purity of the plant, but also to have our methods validated by science to prove purity.”

Organic lavender, the
 first crop planted on the Ranch, replaced a walnut orchard. Soon after came other botanicals, and within five years, the ranch increased water conservation by 90%. They established practices that would serve as a template for standards adopted in California,
the U.S., and worldwide. "I wanted to do this all in a way that benefited the earth, to truly capture Mother Nature in her balanced world.”

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