Rare Niwaki Cloud Pruned Specimen Bonsai
Rare Niwaki Cloud
Pruned Specimen Bonsai

Olive Bonsai tended by
Master Richard Ota.

Camellia Seed Body Oil
Camellia Seed
Body Oil

A rich blend for
deep, nourishing hydration.

$41.60 $52
Japanese Mineral Milk Bath
Japanese Mineral
Milk Bath

Magnesium-rich soak soothes skin
and relieves sore muscles.

$48 $60
Calming Pulse Point Oil
Calming Pulse
Point Oil

The calm of the forest.

$25.60 $32
Hydrating Face Mist
Hydrating Face

Spray away your stress, and breathe in the Japanese Forest.

$24 $30
Japanese Gardening Shears
Japanese Gardening

Handcrafted multi-purpose shears
for trimming, thinning and arranging.

$188 $235
Limited-Edition Indigo Soap Set
Limited-Edition Indigo
Soap Set

The rarest, most beautiful
soaps in the world.

$160 $200
Forest Bathing Set
On sale
Forest Bathing

A bathing ritual inspired by
the art of shinrin-yoku

$139.20 $174
Winter Harvest Persimmon Vinegar
Winter Harvest
Persimmon Vinegar

Bright, yet delicate flavor from
a blend of Fuyu and Hachiya Persimmons.

$24 $30
Japanese Tea Duo
On sale
Japanese Tea

The perfect pair
for any tea lover.

$77.60 $97
Japanese Earl Grey Tea
Japanese Earl
Grey Tea

An aromatic Japanese tea to
bring your senses to life.

$48 $60
Fruit of the Gods Dark Chocolate
Fruit of the
Gods Dark Chocolate

Fuyu Persimmon, Green Tea Salt, Golden Chrysanthemum

$9.60 $12
Ultimate Gardener's Set
On sale
Ultimate Gardener's

The finest essentials for
a life spent cultivating.

$392 $490
Persimmon Winter Jam
Persimmon Winter

Spread Holiday flavor
with our Persimmon jam.

$24 $30
Fresh Wasabi Mustard
Fresh Wasabi

We like it HOT.

$48 $60
Hinoki Hand Sanitizer
Hinoki Hand

Sanitizing mist that marries
function with sensuality.

$16 $20
  • $16

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