Soleil Spray

A botanical ally
for post-sun worship.

$24 $30
  • $24
Ultimate Gardener's Set
On sale
Ultimate Gardener's

The finest essentials for
a life spent cultivating.

$392 $490
Rare Seeds 5 Pack
Rare Seeds
5 Pack

Grow your own garden.
A selection of five rare seeds.

$40 $50
Japanese Gardening Shears
Japanese Gardening

Handcrafted multi-purpose shears
for trimming, thinning and arranging.

$188 $235
Organic Queen Protea Wreath
Organic Queen
Protea Wreath

Densely crafted to let
this wreath dry beautifully.

Rare Niwaki Cloud Pruned Specimen Bonsai
Rare Niwaki Cloud
Pruned Specimen Bonsai

Olive Bonsai tended by
Master Richard Ota.


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