Royal Nectar Manuka Honey
Royal Nectar
Manuka Honey

Extremely rare and highly active honey.

  • $110.50
Biointensive Native Wildflower Honey
Biointensive Native
Wildflower Honey

Antioxidant-rich, with powerful plant compounds.

  • $31.45
The Bee's Knees Set
The Bee's
Knees Set

Mini Manuka, Yuzu, Saffron, Morita Chile & Wildflower Honeys.

The Honeybunch
On sale

The one-two punch of our most popular honey.

$142 $167
Yuzu Honey

Equal parts sweet, sour, and vibrant.

Functional Honey Electuary
Functional Honey

A carefully crafted formulation of heart-centered herbs in a base of New Zealand Manuka.

Moon Harvest Saffron Honey
Moon Harvest
Saffron Honey

A vibrant elixir of the rarest spice and sweetest honey.

Biointensive Morita Chile Honey
Biointensive Morita
Chile Honey

Raw, unfiltered honey infused with the power of the Morita Chile.

  • $39.10