Notes from the Field - The Summer of Pleasure

June 30, 2021
Notes from the Field - The Summer of Pleasure

This week is the launch of the Summer of Pleasure here at Flamingo. We have been working hard conjuring offerings that we hope will help bring pleasure into your life. Our Sex Tonic, Body Oil and Aphrodisiac Tincture are all the result of working closely with our herbalist Ash Cornejo, our perfume maker Linda Scrivican, and countless hours researching and sourcing the most nourishing ingredients around.


Sourcing is a primary role for me. Finding the most interesting ingredients is critical but also finding the most responsibly grown ingredients is equally important to me. In this work, I have the pleasure of connecting with farmers and growers of various disciplines. Last week I met Biodynamic farmer Jim Hoskins of Hoskins Berry Farm. He is a kind and gentle man who I enjoyed chatting with immensely. During our conversation he talked about the organic and biodynamic movement, something he has been a part of for nearly 40 years now. 

Summer of pleasure

I dropped out of grad school about 15 years ago now to join that same movement. Although I was working on a Ph D. in Cognitive Science I spent a lot of time working at a small farm on the Southside of Providence called City Farm. I also spent all my free time reading Somatic theorists, Agrarian philosophers and Situationists (no wonder I dropped out). One of my favorite writers was Raoul Vaneigem. I particularly loved his work: Contributions to The Revolutionary Struggle, Intended To Be Discussed, Corrected, And Principally, Put Into Practice Without Delay. I found myself reading his work this weekend and I was surprised at how much he discusses pleasure. So to celebrate the summer of pleasure I want to share this quote:

"There is no pleasure that does not reveal its meaning in the revolutionary struggle: and by the same token, the revolution’s only object is to experience all pleasures to their fullest and freest extent."

Jeff Hutchison

We have a little saying around Flamingo Estate: With green thumbs and middle fingers. I like to think those middle fingers are for the ruthless and the greedy capitalists, those who would destroy the planet before they would lose a dime, and for all those who prioritize their own pleasure over a harmony of pleasures that can be created when we are compassionate and focused on caring for the Earth. The simple secret of life is this: Take care of the Earth (and those who tend it) and the Earth takes care of you.

Yours in the revolutionary struggle,
Jeff Hutchison Director of Flamingo Estate Garden & Horticulture

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