Petrichor Pulse Point Oil

Petrichor is the scent after rain hits the earth, from the Greek petra, meaning stone, and ichor, which is the blood-like fluid in the veins of Greek gods. The smell is produced when rain purifies the air, restores dry earth, and activates plant compounds. We re-created the aroma of Flamingo Estate after a rain — clean air on soil and brick.

This pulse point oil contains a blend of Myrrh, Eucalyptus, Vetiver, and Tulsi to promote calm, support feelings of euphoria, and bring to mind the promise of cleansing renewal. Roll on wrists and behind your ears to conjure refreshed earth and spirit.


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Healing for the Garden
Petrichor Pulse Point Oil

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Our Beliefs

At the Flamingo Estate, we believe that pleasure is a human right.

Mother Nature is our doctor, therapist and loyal friend. We use the highest quality ingredients possible and plant one tree for every product sold.

Flamingo Estate was founded on the idea that to stand on the Earth and sing her praises is one of the most joyful and necessary privileges of being alive.

In a world that profits off our numbness, it is a radical act to wake up one's senses. Champion the slow dive, the deep breath, the bee asleep in the mallow, the drizzle of olive oil on a soft boiled egg. These are the moments that welcome joy.