LA’s best farm box
just got even better.

The Regenerative Farm Box — a weekly cornucopia of fresh produce and sensual Earthly delights, hand-picked from regenerative farms and delivered right to your door.

The Regenerative Farm Box

Rated 4.9 out of 5
Based on 100 reviews


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All subscription deliveries are $70 for both biweekly and weekly delivery frequencies, price includes delivery

Our radical new CSA program, The Regenerative Farm Box is a chance for us to support the best farmers and growers in California, who grow the most delicious, nutrient-rich and nourishing food out there. 

Each box is overbrimming with a rotating curation of fruits, vegetables, eggs, baked goods and weekly surprises, like flowers or spices. 

Feeds a family of 4 for a week *Does not include wine

Healing for the Garden

Each Farm Box purchase directly supports the farmers, contributes to a more diverse ecosystem, and fights global warming by putting carbon back in the soil.

Flamingo Estate horticulturist Jeff and Catherine Welch of Windrose farms have teamed up to source the best ingredients for a diverse group of family-run farms to help nurture a network of thoughtful growers who are helping heal the planet with every harvest. All of our farmers take steps to care for their local watershed, improve soil health and support biodiversity on their land.

Special Additions:

Weekly Bloom Bundle

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Organic Artisanal Mushroom Box

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Organic Avocado Box

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What’s inside:

A rotating smorgasbord of the best-tasting hand-picked fruits and vegetables

A loaf of fresh bread (different every week),

A half-dozen free range farm eggs

Chef’s recipes

A weekly surprise, like flowers
or spices or herbal delights

Enjoy a different curation of produce each week — rarely the same thing twice.

Special additions:


Each CSA box subscription directly supports family-run farms and farmers, contributes to a more diverse ecosystem, and fights global warming by pulling carbon back into the soil where it belongs. Take care of Mother Nature, and she’ll take care of you.