Japanese Tea Duo

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Pleasure from the Garden

The perfect pair for any tea lover. Infuse smoky Earl Grey tea, rich with fragrant Bergamot Oil, with a few tablespoons of our Wildflower Honey for an inspired cuppa.

In this Set

Japanese Earl Grey Tea
We created this Earl Grey as a way to honor the many centuries of tea cultivation in Japan. Japanese Black Tea is characterized by its sweetness and low astringency. Grown in summer, Camellia Sinensis leaves are hand-harvested and emanate a sensual, dusky perfume. This is enhanced by the finest old-grove, organic Bergamot Oil from Italy. Add 1-3 Tbsp to hot water and steep for 4 minutes. Enjoy with friends.

Biointensive Native Wildflower Honey
Antioxidant-rich, with powerful plant compounds from avocados, citrus and macadamias. Our bees forage on wild sage, rosemary, lavender, Australian wattle, and eucalyptus giving it a unique fragrance and a deep, delicious taste. 100% raw unfiltered honey with nothing added but love and sunshine.
19.5 oz

Healing for the Garden

Our tea is grown in the Shizuoka prefecture by the Kinezuka family. Toshiaki Kinezuka is a tenth generation tea farmer who refused the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers after witnessing the effects these chemicals had on local fish populations in nearby rivers. Instead, he sticks to traditional, organic farming methods that nourish the Earth, passing this wisdom on to his children and grandchildren.

Our Wildflower honey is harvested from the orchard, where the bees fee on pesticide-free flowers and plants.

Japanese Tea Duo

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Our Beliefs

At the Flamingo Estate, we believe that pleasure is a human right.

Mother Nature is our doctor, therapist and loyal friend. We use the highest quality ingredients possible and plant one tree for every product sold.

Flamingo Estate was founded on the idea that to stand on the Earth and sing her praises is one of the most joyful and necessary privileges of being alive.

In a world that profits off our numbness, it is a radical act to wake up one's senses. Champion the slow dive, the deep breath, the bee asleep in the mallow, the drizzle of olive oil on a soft boiled egg. These are the moments that welcome joy.