Soil Awakening Cover Crop


Take Cover

We go crazy for cover crop sowing seeds as a joyous celebration of winter rain. With the help of cover crops, the ground beneath our feet can literally pull carbon from the air, and at the same time, increase the soil’s organic matter, preventing erosion and nutrient runoff. Wow. What’s more: it’s easy on the eyes. We recommend tossing Earth-side right before a big rain. If it’s between a full moon and a new moon, even better.

We’ve been developing this special cover crop for years to help restore the soil of our medicine garden which grows on a steep, erosive hill side. It produces organic matter, suppresses weeds, supports pollinators, and fixes nitrogen while providing food and medicine. It’s a symbol of the healing process we can be a part of by nurturing our soil and engaging with the cycle of plants from seed to plant, plant to habitat and habitat to medicine.

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Our Beliefs

At the Flamingo Estate, we believe that pleasure is a human right.

Mother Nature is our doctor,
 therapist and loyal friend. We use the highest quality ingredients possible and plant one tree for every product sold.

We get our hands dirty and keep 
our consciences clean. We support ecosystem health, biodiversity, soil enrichment, and regenerative farm practices.

Our hearts, minds and doors 
are always open. Growers, makers, artists and friends from all backgrounds will always have a home here.