Spring Garlic & Rosemary Infused Biointensive Olive Oil - Flamingo Estate
Spring Garlic
Olive Oil

A sumptuous feast
for the senses.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Flamingo Estate
Extra Virgin
Olive Oil

Full of healthy fats,
flavorful and dynamic.

Limited Edition Black Sage Honey - Flamingo Estate
Black Sage

Full-bodied and complex,
with notes of black pepper.

Biointensive Native Wildflower Honey - Flamingo Estate
Biointensive Native
Wildflower Honey

with powerful plant compounds.

Australian Native Limited Edition - Flamingo Estate
Returning soon
Australian Native

From nectar-rich flowers
of Eastern Australia.

Phoebe Tonkin's Spring Jam
Phoebe Tonkin's
Spring Jam

Limited edition wild strawberry jam
benefitting L.A. Family Housing.

Lovers' Chocolate Gift Set - Flamingo Estate
Chocolate Gift

All three of our seasonal
dark chocolates.

Damask Rose Dark Chocolate - Flamingo Estate
Damask Rose
Dark Chocolate

The best dark chocolate
showered in damask rose petals.

Smoked Sea Salt Dark Chocolate - Flamingo Estate
Smoked Sea Salt
Dark Chocolate

Oak Smoked Dark Sea Salt,
Limited Edition.

Black Mission Fig Dark Chocolate - Flamingo Estate
Black Mission
Fig Dark Chocolate

Black mission fig, Tuscan sage,
and orchard rosemary.

Flower Moon Tortillas & Mole - Flamingo Estate
Returning soon
Flower Moon Tortillas
& Mole

The best we’ve tasted and
a celebration of shared traditions.


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