Ultimate Gardener's Set

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Pleasure from the Garden

The Gardener's Dream Kit — the finest essentials for a life spent cultivating beauty and pleasure from the garden. This is the perfect gift for those who play in the dirt. Shears, Gardeners Essentials (Bug Spray, Hand Sanitizer, Sun Spray), Rare Seeds, Cut Flower Seed Mix, Cover Cop, Pollinator Mix.

In this Set

Japanese Gardening Shears
A limited-edition collaboration with the Tajika family who perfected the fine art of the garden scissor. These are the finest gardening scissors in the world, meticulously perfected through four generations of a dedication to the craft, without the use of any machines. Each pair comes in a Flamingo Estate-branded leather sheath.

Botanical Bug Spray
A clean, DEET-free botanical bug spray, inspired by the many species of wild geranium at Flamingo Estate. Rose Geranium, Blue Eucalyptus and Indonesian Patchouli.

Hand Sanitizer
Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, this botanical sanitizing mist marries function with sensuality with a blend of Rosemary, Vetiver, Hinoki and Eucalyptus.

Soleil Spray
A post-sun savior, our Soleil Spray harnesses the soothing powers of Geranium, Lavender and Patchouli to cool and calm overheated skin.

Cut Flower Seed Mix
A wide range of 27 beautiful flowers in every color of the rainbow, this non-gmo seed mix includes Rose Mallow, Painted Daisies, Zinnias, Snapdragons, Calendulas, Mexican Sunflowers, and many more. Attracts butterflies, bees, and is guaranteed to bring some color and joy into your raised bed or flower meadow. Great for cut flowers too. Plant early Spring after rain and enjoy blooms until Fall.

Rare Seed 5 Pack
Sowing seeds is a joyous celebration. Grow your own garden with a selection of five rare seeds: Stinging Nettle, Cattails, Dyer's Woad, American Ginseng, and Broadleaf Plantain.

Butterfly Lover Flower Mix
In the last few years, the butterfly and bee population has seen a stark decline in California and across the globe due to climate change, pesticides, pollution and loss of habitat. With its abundance of nectar-rich blooms, our special Butterfly Lover Flower Mix is designed to attract, nourish and support our precious pollinators. Throw a couple handfuls out and keep soil moist until they sprout then water frequently depending on weather and soil moisture.

Soil Awakening Cover Crop
We go crazy for cover crop — sowing seeds as a joyous celebration of winter rain. With the help of cover crops, the ground beneath our feet can literally pull carbon from the air, and at the same time, increase the soil’s organic matter, preventing erosion and nutrient runoff. Wow. What’s more: it’s easy on the eyes. We recommend tossing Earth-side right before a big rain. If it’s between a full moon and a new moon, even better. Throw a couple handfuls out and keep soil moist until they sprout then water frequently depending on weather and soil moisture.

Healing for the Garden

All proceeds from our seeds go directly to The Ron Finley Project, supporting community gardens and organic produce in food deserts.

We are proud to exclusively support farms using sustainable, organic methods grounded in the principles of regenerative farming - practices that can help reverse climate change and improve soil health, among a host of other benefits.

We plant one tree for every product we sell, in partnership with 1% For The Planet.

Ultimate Gardener's Set

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Our Beliefs

At the Flamingo Estate, we believe that pleasure is a human right.

Mother Nature is our doctor, therapist and loyal friend. We use the highest quality ingredients possible and plant one tree for every product sold.

Flamingo Estate was founded on the idea that to stand on the Earth and sing her praises is one of the most joyful and necessary privileges of being alive.

In a world that profits off our numbness, it is a radical act to wake up one's senses. Champion the slow dive, the deep breath, the bee asleep in the mallow, the drizzle of olive oil on a soft boiled egg. These are the moments that welcome joy.