After the Rain Petrichor Set
After the Rain
Petrichor Set

Products made from Myrhh, Eucalyptus,
Amber, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Spikenard, and Tulsi.

Petrichor Soap Set
Petrichor Soap

Hand poured soaps scented with
essential oils, conjuring the aroma of rain.

The Bathhouse Edit
On sale
The Bathhouse

Our complete ritual for
hair and body.

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  • $125
Limited-Edition Indigo Soap Set
Returning soon
Limited-Edition Indigo
Soap Set

The rarest, most beautiful
soaps in the world.

Petrichor Mud Bath
Petrichor Mud

An ancient therapeutic treatment for skin,
muscles, and the nervous system.

Petrichor Body Oil
Petrichor Body

Our limited-edition body oil blend of
Myrrh, Eucalyptus, Vetiver, and Tulsi.

Petrichor Pulse Point Oil
Petrichor Pulse
Point Oil

Support feelings of euphoria,
and the promise of cleansing renewal.

Native Botanical Hand Soap
Native Botanical
Hand Soap

A botanical powerhouse
for clean hands and dirty minds.

  • $24.65
Invigorating Natural Body Wash
Invigorating Natural
Body Wash

A wild alchemy to bring you
to near-godly cleanliness.

  • $34
Tuscan Rosemary Shampoo
Tuscan Rosemary

For soul-stirring
hair washing.

  • $34
Sea Buckthorn Conditioner
Sea Buckthorn

A botanical balm that
supports regeneration.

  • $34
Big Bath Energy
On sale
Big Bath

A sensual bath by
candlelight experience.

$240 $284
Botanical Body Duo
On sale
Botanical Body

A clean, natural, and fragrant duo
to invigorate your body.

$58 $69
  • $58
Botanical Hair Duo
On sale
Botanical Hair

Clarify your scalp
and boost hydration.

$68 $80
  • $68
Calming Pulse Point Oil
Calming Pulse
Point Oil

The calm of the forest.